Welome to the Animation Capital of the Experimental Future + SuperStarmations (aka. IVOanimations / StickBlueAnimated) + THE POWER OF STYLUS ARTIST *touch*

Since it took me a VERY long time to get this site updated, a huge portion of new artworks
and such have been gathered up! Well most of it have been seen in my archives.

This site is still under construction, so this is a beta site with a few upcoming sections,
and stuff around here so, y'all can enjoy here. (as soon the site is finished.)

I just made my Throne Gifts for a week straight, and got my Wishlist set up n' something to upgrade for the future and all stuff it's trustworthy, soo... you can send me gifts or... whatever! ^w^

Here's the link below:

SStarM's arts
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SStarM's anims
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